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All of a sudden: E60 Swimming pool
12-01-2017, 10:52 AM
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RE: All of a sudden: E60 Swimming pool
So update, Because it looked like rain again yesterday didn't want to chance it so i went to see a buddy of mine he is a Beema guru. He opens the boot... no water, opens the other thing that covers the spare wheel and there is a mini pond in there. According to him one of the drain pipes was blocked or broken and that's why all the water is collecting there.

Still doesn't explain the water in the passenger side though. He then starts playing with the sun roof. Opens it all the way and pours water into the rails and nothing comes out. No water under the car or anywhere. As it turns out somewere somehow one of the drain tubes on the right side of the car is not connected properly behind the sunroof and all the water is seeping into the sunroof space between the roof and the roof lining then drains to the back of the car through rear door pillars and settles between the seat and fuel tank. If there is too much water then it ends up in the footwell.

Didn't believe then he used a water dye to turn the water red and poured it again.... He was right.

So now I need to replace the drain pipes and seems like the whole roof lining has to come out so they can work on the underside of the sunroof. Cry

Where do I buy a new roof lining?
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