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Hi guys Iv been lurking in the forum for a couple of years, the discussions have been very helpful.

I previously had a 1999 e46 320i which is still in the family. Currently driving a 2013 f30 328i luxury line AT. Bought it two years ago on 50k km and it now has 80k km has many extras:
Ambient lighting, navigation, rear blinds, storage package, adaptive headlights etc.

It has given a few issues so far, mostly covered by 3rd party warranty:
Coils and fuel pump replaced (car would misfire at full throttle only)
battery replaced
Coolant pump and thermostat replaced (overheating)
Other than that it drives beautifully. All repairs done through bmw dealerships.

Planning on changing the timing chain soon as preventative maintenance, as I understand this can fail in the 328i engine.

The information in this forum has been very helpful to me, Iv resolved to try be more active and hopefully my experiences can help others.

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Morribiscuit said:

Have you done your ZF service yet?
I have not, I didn't know it was something that's needed until yesterday when I noticed it was discussed quite a bit on the forum. Any idea whats the recommended milage to service the box?

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