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So the time has come for the next oil service on the M5.

Up until now, it has used only BMW (Shell) 5W30. I have spoken to a few high mileage S63tu owners and workshops to see what the best course of action would be. I am not experiencing things like oil consumption/blowby/leaking PCVs etc. Oil has been changed every 10000km since 60000km.

The range of advice I've received has been: 

1. Dealer: Stick to OEM and just change more frequently (7500km) until you get to 180000km then go a bit thicker. I don't think I will ever get to 180000km on this car at this point.

2. TuneTech: Switch to Liqui Moly Race Tech/GT1 10W60 immediately and change every 10000km. This is quite a big change from the 5W30 the car is on right now.

3. A fanatic who has a VERY high mileage car (220000+): recommended going with a 5W50 - he has a set of forged internals waiting but the motor just never broke it seems so it is working for him

4. Finally another fanatic recommendation was to go with 5W40 Motul 300V Power (Not much more expensive than LM - but I've used Motul in other cars before and saw improvement under harsh conditions vs. LM)

Based on what I've heard, on balance it seems like going with Motul 5W40 is my lead option at this point.

Any other recommendations, cautions or comments before moving ahead?

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The 5W40 or 0W40 would be a good alternative.
If 0w40 I would go with Mobil or Liqui Molly
If 5w40 Motul is a good option

10W60 is too thick for that engine.

The above aside I do not really understand as to why you would want to change oil viscosity currently given that your engine is not a high Kilo unit.
The 5W30 would be the one I would stick with given how tight those engines are on clearances.
Remember the thicker the oil the more drag.


I would not do 10w60 in the s63tu, too thick I would think. 10w60 was the s85 oil. I've been using BMW oil 5w30 in my s63tu no issues at all, under Motor plan still so don't have a choice and at 52k km. Not burning oil or anything. Agree with Peter's recommendation if not using bmw branded oil.

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Thanks for the inputs!!

The 10W60 recommendation was a very strange one for me - especially from what I had been reading and what I had been advised (going slightly thicker for the added power and potentially heat).