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2006 BMW 330d Auto sale price
(20-11-2020, 10:23 AM)Karlien Maree Wrote: Hi all, just a quick update. I decided to just cut my losses and get rid of the car. Bought myself an F30 320i yesterday, and I must say - I'm happy so far! Thanks again for all the help everyone... hopefully this one sticks with me longer than my previous cars haha

Congrats on the new ride! Please do share some pics here. I would be good to confirm if your car has the N20 or B48 motor. Google a VIN decoder and run your vin there to see. If it does have the N20 motor you can perhaps do some preventative maintenance on the car specific to your car. I'm sure someone like @Peter@AEW or @Danny@DSCmotorsport can give some good advice. Look forward to the pics.
F30 LCI 320D M Sport
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