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My '98 740i
Congratulations! I always loved the look of the E38s.

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Congrats. What an amazing car!
2013 BMW 320d Manual - Glacier Silver
RK Motion

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(31-07-2020, 06:44 PM)samman325 Wrote: You're really not helping my cause. I'm currently in a heart and mind struggle of getting an awesome example with lots of preventative maintenance done on it

You picked up a beauty there. Nicely done.

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Prevantative maintenance is key on these. The cost of ownership climbs exponentially when you are catching up on missed maintenance. I really love the way they drive, especially the facelift. Feels like a completely generation of car between the pre and post facelift.
4 doors, leather and wood, ride like I've got a horse stable under the hood.

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