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[discussion] Battery Charger
okay chaps.
Heres the full report and what my research found.

1. A number of times, the tracker unit in the car s the cause of phantom power drain. Sometimes the battery dies and draws more amperage than it should. Sometimes 2-3 old units can be found in cars because a tracking company will never bother removing an old unit or old units as in plural.

2. Sometimes the comfort access module shorts resulting in power drain on the electronics module and this results in often difficult to diagnose situations.

3. Not driving the car often enough is often a masking factor. So you may have any combination of issues on the vehicle draining the battery but its never evident becauase you drive daily and battery maintains reasonable (not optimum) health. Not driving as much with corona-virus could be the thing that helps make your battery drain evident.

4. Bad battery. Sometimes cells dry out and sometimes the battery is unable to maintain healthy operating characteristics.

The car was taken to BMW and left for what they told me would be overnight to run a battery test and trace any faults/shorts or power draws on the battery. I was told the earliest it would be ready was the following day and that there was a R1400 diagnostic price if they found the battery was not the issue because i did have a tracker fitted. I agreed. Left the keys and went home.

At around midday the SA called to say the battery was cooked, they needed to order a new one from stores and it would be fitted, registered on the car and i would get the car back the next morning.

At 1pm, he called to say the battery was ordered and would be there by 3pm, fitted and registered by 4, car would be ready by 5.

at 2pm, he called to say, battery arrived early, would be fitted by 3 and car could be collected by 4pm.


When i went to get the car, i checked the technicians notes on the job card and the 2 cells on the battery were found dry ( i dont know how thats possible, but i dont work at BMW). the battery repeatedly would not go past stage 1 on the battery diagnostic (im assuming a test similar to the one the CTEK performs). recommendation was replace battery for account: MP.

Turns out the battery lasted 3.5 years total and then was cooked.

Ive decided to drop some money and get the Ctek 5 anyway to maintain the battery health on the brand new battery, prevent from having to boost the car on an ongoing basis since i am NOT using it daily and because the inconvenience of taking the car in and removing everything from the car again is not ideal.

I hope this experience will help someone in the future looking for answers on the issue.

BTW, i also found a way to check the battery voltage from the cluster on the main and aux battery through diagnostics mode. google can help you withe the process involving pressing start rapidly and adding the sum of your vin number into the cluster.

It is an easy way to check the voltages but will reset your trip odometer.

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Great stuff! Glad you sorted now. And good call on getting the battery charger/maintainer too.

If anyone is looking for the Ctek charger. Takealot have it as a daily deal. Got mine last week after reading this thread![Image: ff6004f0965b1cf499fe29a9228000ee.jpg]

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