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[discussion] Zf6 hp26 gear change issue
(29-06-2020, 02:39 PM)husaindindar Wrote: I had 6hp issues and ZF quoted me in the same region.

I did an adaptation reset and the full procedure and the gearbox did get much better, in the sense that I never experienced the issue again. Hope it stays that way!

My issue: Under hard acceleration when shifting from 4 to 5, it would give a loud thud and sometimes not go into 5th. If i left the throttle as it shifted, it would go into gear and then I could floor it again. No slip once it engaged 5th. Also from 6th to 5th under hard acceleration, it was all good.

The other option is to visit the ZF guy in Pretoria. Apparently he is quite good as he worked for ZF. When I called him some time back he said its like 10k for an exchange box without oil.

@rash also knows this dude.

Not sure if I can post his number?

Hi Husainfindar.

I have the exact issue between 4th and 5th when hard on the accelerator often exaggerated when using the steering paddles or in manual mode. Also has a harsh kick down when under load on the highway when changing down from a higher gear to a lower gear.

I serviced the box at the agents changing the oil, filter and resetting adaption. This helped briefly when the box was cold but the problem has reappeared.

I would like to explore the exchange option. Could you help me with the number?


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Load XHP and the issue will go away... but you are not fixing the actual problem you are merely raising line pressures using the XHP software to overcome the slipping or rough gear changes.

I loaded Xhp and the issues went away until around 60xxxkms later when i had to overhaul the box.

Zf did a fantastic job on the overhaul. Well worth the money if you are keeping the car.

Good luck!
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The box is buggered. Drive it till it lets go and slap in a used box. Rebuilding it is just not worth the cost generally.

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