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Llew's Detailing & Product Review Thread
(30-07-2020, 01:03 PM)FiRi@Rennzport Wrote: Price point here  Llew?

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(30-07-2020, 01:03 PM)FiRi@Rennzport Wrote: Price point here  Llew?

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R2140 @FiRi@Rennzport
[Image: qEpPGPMl.png]
I haven't posted in a while since I have been dealing with quite a lot in the past month or so (and trying to keep family, work etc all balanced).

Anyway last night I dusted off the Rupes Mille forced rotation polisher and decided to FINALLY give the M5 some attention (My intention was to do this close to lockdown.)

The M5 previously had Gyeon One (their entry level enthusiast coating) which has a 12 month durability rating. From what I can see, Gyeon ratings are not true - they actually last far longer even under daily use: but the professional range carries a guarantee when done by a pro shop so I guess they are 'pessimistic' on the durability. I did nothing different to what every ceramic coating manufacturer recommends: Spray sealant, in this case Gyeon cure, every few washes and towards the end of its life, I boosted with Gyeon Wet Coat which I quite like.

Having 144000km at this point and having spent most of this as a daily driver and tourer, 100% correction or showcar finish is not really on the cards. There are some chips here and there... there is a scratch here or there and it's really fine at the end of the day. I am quite careful with how I wash but 2 years is a long time and there are inevitably some light marks that make their way onto the finish (especially with my kids helping me these days and still learning). It was the upper surfaces, bumpers and carbon that got quite a bit more attention.

Gotta love the gloss though! I didn't take many pics because it was literally a gap that I created and took advantage of.

In terms of system:

1. Decontamination wash - nothing special
2. Clayed the car using Carpro fine clay then wiped down with APC
3. Removed clay marring and light swirls with Rupes Mille Fine & Rupes Mille yellow pad. To be honest this is all that was really needed to get a little boost.
4. IPA wipe
5. Shock horror: DIDN'T install a ceramic coating but rather opted to use Rupes P808 spray sealant which is SUPER EASY to apply and looks great. I did this on purpose since I am trying a local product soon (Jay at Reflectec has concocted two new products and I thought I would support a local dude so pre-ordered his Alienwax and his detail spray (which I will use on the M5 as a drying aid). Should be here soon. If I don't like it, I will strip it, prep with Gyeon Prime and go with Mohs (I was saving this for a new addition...)

Having gotten used to the forced rotation of the Rupes Mille I am very happy with the speed, ease of use and consistency. I know that it seems like all this kit is expensive, but if you price a high end detail you will quickly find that it stretches far beyond the 12K mark and even beyond the 20K mark depending...

What I am still missing from my arsenal is the little Rupes iBrid DLX mini polisher which would cut the time required down even further and improve precision in some areas.

[Image: 4Bh3qsHl.jpg]

[Image: Kd9dKDIl.jpg]

[Image: rOq98mLl.jpg]

[Image: RJeoyvil.jpg]

[Image: Jc0ytNNl.jpg]

[Image: e1U52cwl.jpg]
[Image: qEpPGPMl.png]
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Looks great. Well done.

Please let us know how the products from Reflectec are. I saw his page in Facebook and I am also probably going to order the spray wax from him.
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Picked up a couple of new goodies now that Pristine Detailing has re-stocked.

Gyeon Iron is exactly what you would expect it to be: Iron decontamination. I buy large quantities of the things that I have decided to stick with and you save quite a lot buying in bulk

Gyeon PPF wash is new and actually has a far stronger 'iron remover' type smell than I thought it would! Jury is out on this one. This is meant to be a proper wash for cars that have PPF applied to them but where the film has started to pick up contaminants. There should (in theory) be no need to clay or buff the film if you use this kind of a product on a long term basis. I haven't had the need to wash the 4C which is the only one which has PPF so far... but will report back this weekend.

I don't actually normally use a special glass product but someone else recommended I try it and see. I don't think I will be converted to this vs. my usual methods, but let's see.

[Image: OZLKHBUl.jpg]

Still waiting for the right Rupes pads to come into stock (I might just buy them off amazon at this point)… A bigger post will follow at that point. In the mean time I will let you know how it goes with these new additions once I've had a change to use them
[Image: qEpPGPMl.png]
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