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Daily Build Project: 2003 E46 325ci
Sent her in to Ross Duncan to have the powersteering system refreshed. The following was replaced:
1. Luk LF20 to Meyle 2 Bar round back aftermarket pump
2. Power steering resevoir bottle aftermarket
3. High pressure lines OEM (took forever to get)
4. Feed and return lines for P/S resevoir OEM
5. SWAG P/S Pulley
6. Continental Serpentine/ Fan belt (bad idea its whining, stick to OEM lol )

From taking ownership the powersteering system needed some attention. I was set on the Meyle 3 bar aftermarket steering pump upgrade and even bought the pump and had the mounting bracket readily available, but I was once again sabotaged by typical BMW parts sales incompetency. I remember spending a considerable amount of time ensuring the high pressure line was specifically for the LF30 flat back design P/S pump and even cross referenced the part number on the invoice to multiple websites.
Low and behold when it's time to fetch the pipes I arrived to a high pressure line for the LF20 round back pump... 

I was not keen on waiting another month for the P/S to be done and the car was already on the lift so I quickly organised the round back pump and Ross had the job done in 4 hours, I was impressed!

After wringing its neck for a good few of hours I can say the job was done well and there's no red ATF fluid on my garage floor. I have no idea how the LF30 spec pump would have felt in terms of driving but the refresh with the 2 bar pump really did a number on the car. Steering feels very direct and sensitive.
I have also noticed that the steering wander has disappeared, not sure if its from the pump refresh or if the technicians at RD sorted the play out on the steering column, either way I am very happy with the outcome. There was clear play on the pulley shaft of the old pump, a typical failure symptom.

For my first time at Ross Duncan Auto Services I can say I am a happy BMW Fanatic, customer service was exceptional. Michael was very easy to communicate with and the other technicians working on my car were willing to entertain a conversation on the process of resfreshing the P/S system, something I appreciated. I really was against putting stickers on the exterior of the car but I'll make an exception this time.

Next up is the propshaft guibo, differential mount bushing and the rubber lining for the rear windows.

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