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2013 981 Boxster PDK
So, after a few months I finally did an open road 150km roundtrip on the N17 with the top down.
Cross winds were a bit strong but the car tracked true.
The only downside is the road noise - the wind, the exhaust note and the engine.
I have a headache and my ears are still ringing.
On my last roadtrip - from JHB to DBN earlier this year - this was not an issue. I guess the novelty of the top down made up for the noise.
I only have the standard exhaust - I can imagine how ear drum busting the Sports Exhaust must be on the highway.

With the top up, which I did for about 40 km, the experience was a lot better.
The insulation is very good.

My next Porsche would be a hard top, for sure.

The novelty of the topless motoring does wear out after a while.
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