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F10 M5 boost and timing
Anyone know what peak boost and timing are on stock non comp pack and stock comp pack F10 M5s?

And do those of you running a tune know what your peak boost and timing numbers are? If so, please provide these details and also particulars of the tune you're running

Any data logs would also be appreciated, thanks
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Actually trying to establish whether the M5 that generated the attached data log is stock. This is a data log of a 2nd and 3rd gear pull on a comp pack M5.

To convert the boost reading in the log from "kpa" to "bar", you need to deduct 83 and to convert AFR on banks 1 and 2, you need to multiply by 14.7.

Using these formulas, the car is seeing maximum boost of about 1.37 bar and maximum timing of 16.5 degrees, while AFR dips to about 12.8 at the top of the rev range
Any F10 M5 guys out there who can shed some light?
PM @ZANMANWP. He may be able to assist
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Also Pho3niX90 might be able to advise as he has some experience with modding the F10.
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(20-01-2020, 01:06 PM)///Avi Wrote: PM @ZANMANWP. He may be able to assist

Thanks Avi. I'll do that
(20-01-2020, 01:53 PM)johndoe Wrote: Also Pho3niX90 might be able to advise as he has some experience with modding the F10.

Thanks. I'll Pm him as well
I am not sure many people really looked at the f10 in such detail. Some do but in general a well educated m5 owner is rear.
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I did some logging on the s63tu , stock I noticed target boost around 20-21psi at WOT

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