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Last motor plan service coming up - any advice?
15-01-2020, 12:44 PM,
RE: Last motor plan service coming up - any advice?
(15-01-2020, 08:44 AM)supertramp Wrote: Its amazing how the glorious M/Plan seems to make people sh*t themselves when it is about to lapse, it has to happen sometime unless you can afford a new car every so many Years "just" before the M/Plan runs out …………. as the other valid comments here keep to that list and you should be ok.

Its really not the end of the World, this is where true Fanatics start trusting their rides and knowing what and where they have bought from, then the planning with all the contacts you have made over all the Years of driving these cars comes into play and the understanding of the mechanics of these machines and workings etc ….

The BMW M/Plan is not the Alfa & Omega …… life carries on, treat your ride well, keep to servicing as per computer and preventative maintenance where required, anyway after having 18 of these cars with only a couple that were still on M/Plan that's my sixpence worth!

Hi and thanks for the feedback. Guess I am a little nervous as you mention but I am putting some measures in place and I know you are right in that if I look after it, it will run well. This however is my first BMW and first more premium car. I've always looked after my cars and even serviced some of them myself (even though my technical car knowledge is very limited - but I asked, my dad helped and I figured the rest out and I enjoyed it - it feels good looking after my things).

As such I am still to make all the contacts you mention from years of driving these cars Bluebiggrin and as I said technically I am still learning these cars as well. But keen to learn! I've always bought pre owned or second hand or whatever people like to call it hehehe. But I have a few rules that I've done this by since day one and its never let me down. And in the case of my BMW, I've applied the same:

FIRST do my homework. And I feel I did that well on this forum with everyones help and made a solid decision on the 320d.
1. I always buy from the manufacturer dealer. Its not foolproof but better than buying from a pop dealership (not all) or a private person.
2. I always buy the vehicle while still under the manufacturer service plan and warranty.
3. I always extend the warranty in the case of a diesel and/or turbo vehicle. It was only my Toyota's that I didn't extend the warranties. Extending the warranties has in every case paid off for me - we were covered and no issues, no further cost to me.
4. The vehicle gets serviced and maintained.

In the case of this car, I bought it from BMW, still under motorplan and the warranty is being extended through my bank with unlimited cover - not the BMW offering or others that pay R7500 for a turbo replacement and they stipulate it must be done by'll have a R50k shortfall. I am also getting the BMW Black oil service plan so for the next two years unlimited KM's my car is still under a warranty and service plan. by April I am sending it for the gearbox service at ZF.

I just wanted to get some input on what are things that could be due to replacement now and make sure I get BMW to confirm in writing that they have been checked while its still under plan.

Thant said - I did my homework, I know I've bought the right model and will continue to look after it.

Silent Assassin F30 LCI 320D M Sport
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15-01-2020, 01:24 PM,
RE: Last motor plan service coming up - any advice?
i would also not be keen to drive new generation luxury vehicles without some sort of a plan , if the car is not older than 10yrs and lower than 200k KM you get some pretty comprehensive aftermarket warranties and service plans.

lucky my 330i is still VERY analogue , and spares are available at most Spar's
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