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01 E46 330i (MARY)
Hi Guys

Hope everyone is well.... an update of what was done and what’s still to come.

I did a full service from the oil change, new spark plugs, new expansion tank, petrol filter, air filter, cabin filter, brake fluid and also changed the bonnet cable since mine had snapped which was stressful.

[Image: BC407740-A8-CF-4-F51-AEBD-FC3622093824.jpg]
[Image: 1-AA113-EF-F6-EB-4-F46-B28-B-16-BAB5-CB830-A.jpg]
[Image: FFD46-F24-3-E20-4072-A70-A-9-BA2-FA532-AE6.jpg]

4 Days later I popped by Mintys and got all 4 new Nexen tires as I was on a budget
[Image: E857947-F-1791-4240-AA93-D4491886-D19-B.jpg]
[Image: 20-E72862-85-D9-46-D2-8779-52-A0-D4-DD117-E.jpg]
[Image: A4957-CA3-E52-B-4635-95-A7-87-D5-D1-A63-C46.jpg]
[Image: ABC0-EAF8-925-F-4-B21-8-A74-69111710-CA0-F.jpg]
[Image: 932-C3-D50-6685-468-F-8-B62-7-E1-EB4342-AAE.jpg]

On Tuesday I had a free day and went looking for some black
interior parts and managed to get 4 black door panels, a boot spoiler and black carpet... hopefully soon I’ll
Manage to get a decent set of black m sport seats and good condition rear seats and and what ever else will be need to change the interior to black.

[Image: 8-E0-EAE90-E420-43-E2-B7-BB-35-F96621599-D.jpg]
[Image: B1-B37-AD5-C64-F-459-C-A3-E9-26-C710-AD43-AF.jpg]
[Image: DCE0-DE0-B-C3-F6-47-D7-A427-09-CC54675-E5-A.jpg]
[Image: AA3861-E9-99-A0-4052-9-BA6-B18-A13267-D74.jpg]
2001 BMW E46 330i
2014 BMW F20 116i
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So Sunday evening on my way home from Chicken Licken I got inside the car and tried to start it up as usual and boom it would start  then just die out without moving and the first thought that came to mind was that the fuel pump has failed, I lifted the rear seat to listen as I cranked it and there was no sound coming from the fuel pump. I had to get the car towed home sadly lol.

So yesterday I went to get a brand new pump and installed it and also checked for any leaks while I put turned the key ON to see if the pump was working and then double cheeked you see if I secured everything and then I finally turned it on and it started on the first go.

It was a easy DIY and a new learning experience for me.

I must say it held up well for a 19 year old car and on exactly 320 000km with the original pump.

[Image: 3-B441-E72-486-F-4-FA7-81-EC-5-DD988-A6869-D.jpg]
[Image: C24173-AA-1228-42-B5-973-A-DAFCC92-DDE28.jpg]
[Image: C80660-BD-76-D6-4529-B0-CC-3265950-A6-CDE.jpg]
[Image: BE4-A6767-7807-4329-9-D99-537-D33539-C84.jpg]
[Image: 11-F72-A72-52-D7-4503-8-F22-EEC7306-BA5-FA.jpg]
[Image: 2-F53899-F-53-F1-4-EB0-A296-F6-D37-D08-EA39.jpg]
[Image: 43-C1-C2-F4-CC69-4-CDF-AAC6-A7-E4617366-E0.png]
2001 BMW E46 330i
2014 BMW F20 116i
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The past week unexpectedly

I found myself off-roading with the 46, what a fun experience lol but I felt so bad for the suspension and the new tires I just put in lol haha.

[Image: F9-E16-B5-F-1242-406-E-8-B33-2-D7-F25-C1-C054.jpg]
[Image: CECE7154-333-C-4-CAE-8-C33-CF49-E4-E674-B7.jpg]
[Image: 3-A4-C640-D-8828-45-C6-8734-B5-E40-FAA61-BB.jpg]
[Image: 762-B4-F38-D6-D5-45-D1-9-D50-873-FC67-D511-D.jpg]
[Image: DADB8359-6-E5-A-4-FAC-85-D4-18-A73625-EF4-C.jpg]
[Image: 3-F98301-A-BEE3-4892-827-F-0-FEA4-D41-F4-F8.jpg]
[Image: 9474-FFAB-A734-4610-8-C57-60-D13-D2-D9000.jpg]I’m
2001 BMW E46 330i
2014 BMW F20 116i
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