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Arbee's 2010 BMW E93 ///M3
Praise Praise Praise
congrats brother, finally it happened. Bravo
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Congrats ///AbreeCartel
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(22-01-2019, 10:34 PM)444YYY Wrote: Congrats Yas!

Many happy miles!

Full Honest Arbee review required after 4000km.
Im making notes Yash! Will definitely do some sort of 'review' after learning and enjoying the car.

(22-01-2019, 11:30 PM)Omar HS Wrote: Congrats bru Praise

I wish you have many safe miles with it. I met your neighbour Zameer in KL on the 3rd of January and he was telling me that you had bought an m3

The cara a real beauty Bravo
Omar, Zameer told me you guys met - He was one of few that knew about the M3 all along. Very good friend of mine! Glad you guys met...
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Mubarak. A stunner of a car.

Now you can go have proper fun on that mountain road.
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(23-01-2019, 10:27 AM)Waseem 333i Wrote: Mubarak. A stunner of a car.

Now you can go have proper fun on that mountain road.
Shukran Waseem!

Planning a trip to some desert roads soon, Jebel Jais is a must also...
Awesome Arbee.

Wishing you many safe and fun miles my friend. Enjoy it!

PS. So great to have Spenglar's signature. Amazing.

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Congrats Arbee ! Love the Colour Thumbs
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Damn Abree!! Congrats brother!
I can only imagine how happy you must be right now.
And I'm sure that cold start in that parking lot must be Drool
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Congrats Arbee!!!
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(24-01-2019, 10:21 AM)Kimeran Wrote: Damn Abree!! Congrats brother!
I can only imagine how happy you must be right now.
And I'm sure that cold start in that parking lot must be Drool

Thanks Kimi! Really happy and grateful...

Man, i tried capturing it but the basements are muffled by the sounds of the over-head extractors. Otherwise it would the best place.

Managed to get one at my office parking...
Lets see if the upload works and is decent quality.

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Congrats Arbee, knew this day would come for a long time and it is once again...a beaty and you never fail to amaze.

Well done bud!
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Congrats Yas. well deserved.
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Nicely done bud, congratulations and many safe Km's.....Thumbs
/o(O)(O) \ (lllllllll)(lllllllll) / (O)(O)o\
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Had a busy weekend...
Drove to Dubai for a work function on Thursday night, first "long" drive, 250km return. 140km/h speed limit road. Initial impressions of the Dinan exhaust is good - Actually, i cannot fault it. It sounds good on idle and slow driving. Highway driving its pretty quiet, no drone and very comfy and when you do get a chance to put foot, it sounds even better.

Something that @444YYY pointed out to me - My car, being a LHD, the driver sits behind the intake so the intake sounds is louder to the driver. I noticed this as well, you can actually hear the intake sounds especially with the top down.

Friday morning, got up early in excitement and well, my son didnt let me go back to sleep. So i figured i take him with to get some DIY going...
[Image: 2019-01-27-09-07-39-Photos.png]

Got the bonnet shocks from BMW on Thursday, so replaced them quickly. Planned to change the kidney grills as well, but i didnt have a T30 torx, so i ordered some tools and will tackle the grills next weekend.

Went for the BMWClubUAE BBQ in the Park meet on Friday
[Image: 20190125-172016.jpg]

Seems like the logical move after a M car, is Porsche!?

Drove the Ford after a week, forgot about it... LOL
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[Image: w0YM6SYl.png]
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Such a looker

Well done Arbee!
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nice red pram !
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(28-01-2019, 08:10 AM)GGM Wrote: nice red pram !

It actually is a very nice pram. Was a gift from the hospital that my son was delivered at.
Congratulations....V8 M

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