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Ravenol Oil Guide - The answer to what oil do I need!
Ravenol Oil Guide - The answer to what oil do I need!

Alright everyone, first up, lets establish a few things before I continue to introduce the Ravenol Oil Finder to everyone.

My Father owns Ravenol South Africa, he has been in the lubricant industry for over 28 years. I have NOTHING to gain from sharing this with you other than TO ASSIST FANATICS to make the RIGHT decision for their BMW.

Lets start with the Ravenol Company and establish some serious credentials, a quick introduction to Ravenol copied off the website:

Quote:RAVENOL is the brand name for Ravensberger Schmierstoffvertrieb GmbH which was founded in 1946 in the small town of Werther in Westphalia by Hans Triebel. Internationally, Ravenol is a highly regarded lubricants brand with a large range of products, that provide lubrication solutions for a wide range of markets. This includes OEM approved lubricants, all automotive lubricants, including workshops and commercial transport, racing, marine, motorcycle and karting lubricants.

Ravenol have a huge amount of OEM approvals, more than any other brand worldwide, which means that our customers will get the correct product, not the closest match to what is specified by the manufacturer. It may come as a surprise to many as to how often this is the case, where motor oils with limited and incorrect approvals are recommended to the consumer, due to a lack of knowledge.

With so many OEM approvals, Ravenol make it possible to provide exactly the correct product for every vehicle on the road in South Africa. The Ravenol range includes more than 330 products which consists of 20 different fully synthetic engine oils, all with different OEM approvals, 42 different automatic transmission fluids, 22 different coolants (antifreeze) to name only a few. Automotive lubricant technology has changed significantly over the past 5 to 10 years.

In the past, universality was possible between petrol and diesel engine, vehicle manufacturers, turbo and non turbo, cooling system antifreeze’s and automatic transmissions and much more. Those days are well and truly gone forever, with most OEM’s specifying vastly different requirements from year to year, model to model. Even within the same manufacturer, differently specified product are listed. Not following the guidelines of the OEM and using incorrectly specified products can lead to an increase in fuel consumption, excessive engine wear and a reduction in engine life and engine reliability and most importantly, that any legal warranty and guarantee claims may be limited.

Now that we have established that Ravenol is a brand that cares and a brand backed by an immense heritage, technical knowledge base and a pride for innovation and Motosport, let me introduce the Oil Finder:

Click here to access the Ravenol Oil Finder: Http://

The car I will be using for today's example will be my BMW X1 23d Xdrive.

Begin by selecting cars, the manufacturer, the model range and finally the model itself that closest matches your specific vehicle. In my case, I have a 2010 BMW X1.

[Image: iNmHbVr.png]

Once you select the vehicle model the Oil Finder is going to list your individual vehicles components, namely:

Engine Oil
Differential Oils (Front and Back)
Transfer Case Oils
Automatic Gearbox Oils
Manual Gearbox Oils
Hydraulic / Brake Fluids
Power Steering Fluids
Coolant System Fluids

[Image: uEgK4K8.png]

The Oil Finder is so advanced, you will note it even lists the specific PARTS REFERENCE with the listed components, an example:

Engine: N47SD20
Automatic Transmission: ZF GA6HP19Z/GA6HP26Z 6/1

This additional information ensures that the reader can confirm he has made the correct selection, in my vehicles case, as per RealOEM I have the N47SD20 motor and ZF GA6HP19Z Box.

If you drive a BMW E46 M3 and it does not say S54 under the engine listing, you have the incorrect car, it is VITAL you ensure you have selected the correct vehicle to get the CORRECT recommendation.

Lets provide a hypothetical situation.

Mike has a BMW X1 and wants to do an Oil Service on his vehicle. He has correctly selected the correct vehicle.

1. The Oil Finder will provide a fluid capacity, this is generally considered a SERVICE FILL capacity. When you drain your engine / gearbox / diff oil you do not get ALL the oil out of the component. If you are doing a dry fill the Oil Finder will usually mention the dry fill and service fill capacity. In this case, my BMW X1 requires 5.2L of Engine Oil for a service fill.
2. The Oil Finder is intelligent. It is designed to accommodate first world and third world requirements, hot and cold climates, emissions standards and a variety of service drain intervals.

It recommends the following Ravenol Lubricants for my vehicle:


[Image: whfh0bf.png]

All of the above oils are recommended and compatible with my BMW X1 with the exception of the following which the Oil Finder cannot account for:

1. Oil Consumption
2. Vehicle Mileage and Prior Oil Used
3. Vehicle Servicing Intervals

The Oil Finder will ALWAYS recommend a Lubricant best suited for a vehicle that is BRAND NEW.

Therefore it is not to say, that with 110 000km on the clock that the first oil on that list is the right oil for my car.

RAVENOL ALS SAE 0W-30 is for example, a lubricant designed to run below -30 degrees. RAVENOL VMP SAE 5W-30 is actually a VW Audi Motorsport Racing Oil with BMW Approvals. Neither of these would be the wrong or right oil for our vehicles or climate.

When considering oils you need to consider OEM Approvals. In order to meet the Manufacture requirements and service interval requirements of a current BMW (anything basically from 2005 onwards) your lubricant must be BMW LL04 Approved. Prior to 2005 requires an LL01 Approval.

All of the above oils meet BMW LL04 which means that ALL of those oils WILL without any shadow of a doubt be suitable for use in your BMW.

Note, the BMW LL04 Approval:

[Image: FRlssH7.png]

To make it even easier, if you are still uncertain of which oil viscosity you should use, Ravenol has a "Oil by Part Number".

Here is the Link:

How to use this:

Contact your local dealer, provide them with the last 7 digits of your VIN and request the recommended BMW Oil for your vehicle and the part number.

My VIN: VK51970
BMW Recommended Oil: BMW TwinPower Turbo 5w-30 (Part No: 83212365949)

[Image: ksVnYEh.png]

A quick google search of the part number will reveal that BMW's recommended Oil is a 5W30 LL04 Approved Oil which means of the list of recommended oils provided by the Oil Finder and verified by the Oils by Part Number Search page that the lineup of oils recommended are:

[Image: evtbejQ.png]


And that, is how you know which oil to buy for your BMW using the Ravenol Oil Finder. Both of those oils are LL04, both are compatible and both oils come at different price points and base oils to suit specific needs of the car and driver (like if the car is using oil, or modified).

An example being that Ravenol VMP is a PAO (Polyalphaolefin) based, fully synthetic low friction motor oil designed for high performance motors. Whereas Ravenol HLS is Synthetic Hydro-Cracked Motor Oil for regular use - But both are suitable for your vehicle, both high performance, but you don't need an Audi/Volkswagen Approved Race Spec Engine Oil for a 318i E46, would it be recommended in a 335i? Yes! Remember, the more approvals, the more you pay for the oil. It costs Lubricant Companies Millions for a single OEM Approval, if HLS is LL04 Approved and you dont need a Race-Spec Oil, save yourself some money.

The Ravenol Oil Finder provides a guideline to assist you.

The choice is yours.

"But Mike, I am not sure what Oil to use, I would prefer a Professional Opinion"

As a motoring enthusiast I easily understand that even when it is clear as day which oil you should use you may have a specific query, or a concern, or maybe you just rebuilt your motor and you want to break it in with the correct lubricants.

Please Click here:

Fill in ALL your details and provide the following:

Vehicle Make, Model, Year of Sale, Mileage, What you want to do and any modifications and questions your have.

My brother, James, or my Father, Freddi will assist within 24 hours, and if you are still unsure, contact them and you will be amazed at the technical experience and wealth of knowledge presented to you.

They will not charge you for their time, but I ask that you do keep in mind their time and knowledge is a privilege.

They do Courier Nationwide (usually Discounted) and have a shop in Observatory where you can walk in and enjoy some proper automotive enthusiasm.

Gents, I have just discussed how to choose an Engine Oil, the Oil Finder covers everything else, all stocked locally, I will try over the next few weeks to do an intro to each sphere to familiarise everyone with the products but I want to leave you with the following:

The intention of posting this is NOT to suggest you should or should not use Ravenol Products. Those familiar with my history on this forum will know I shared an equally useful Liqui Moly Oil Finder many years ago, in fact a lot of the Liqui Moly love in this forum is my doing.

The intention is to assist members make the biggest decision of their automotive experience, I am open to assist with questions, but would PREFER you use the link provided for proper Automotive Advice.

BMW X1 23d Xdrive - 190kw & 440nm
My Off-Road Journal
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