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E53 Addition to the Family
That colour  Praise She has aged very well.
'10 SG E90 320d Msport - Xcede Tuned
'18 Ranger Wildtrak
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Wanted to show u guys how she performs for a big old lady...

[Image: img-20170810-wa0007_2499791248.jpg]
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Haha wow that impressive!

i didn't expect that in gear acceleration.
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So... at the beginning of the year the car spent a fair amount of time out of action due to the electrical issues, crank sensor and expansion tank replacement.

Nothing worse than being stranded on the side of the road with the whole family in the car.

Since then, I've avoided taking it for any long trips with the family. We rather opted for cramping into the e90 and on 1 occasion, used a friends fortuner.

This weekend that went by, I took the plunge... loaded the family and luggage and decided to head to durban for Diwali. I'm pleased to report that the old gal made it there and back without any issues. Consumption on the trip down averaged out at 7.4l/100km and back up was 8.5l/100km.

The wife says that the ol gal is still more comfortable than the fortuner... but i need to get it up to date with playing music as the radio and cassette player doesn't quite cut it.

So, after getting back- I hit up in search of the "aux retro fit kit". A day later he had one for me at a decently discounted price.

After collecting, I set out to follow some instructions from YouTube vids and take on the installation.

What should be a fairly straightforward installation, started to pose some issues. The harness that comes with the kit needed the wires to be removed and transferred to the existing harness at the back for the radio. But no matter how many different configurations I tried, nothing worked.

After back and forth with every possible wiring diagram, I figured that theres a CD shuttle in the boot that had been unplugged at some stage. After plugging it back in and changing out that harness for the AUX harness using the corresponding pins, it finally worked.

Wires were then all put back neatly and the aux plate was mounted in the ash tray over what I assume is a place to hold a cigarette butt.



[Image: img-20170810-wa0007_2499791248.jpg]
Here's the YouTube link for anyone with an older model looking to retro fit an aux kit...

Just wish I'd done this mod sooner
[Image: img-20170810-wa0007_2499791248.jpg]

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