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BMW Formula E race car
BMW has unveiled their 1st race car fro the Formula E series for the 2018/2019 season. essentially the i3 power train but with 100% more power. I think its very cool looking
[Image: bmw-ife.18-07_2160426569.jpg]
[Image: bmw-ife.18-08_6766465553.jpg]
[Image: bmw-ife.18-12_8264987510.jpg]
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these F-E cars look pretty wicked. just wish they had real engines in them though omg waiting
Will be quick. However, I can't see (or hear) the excitement for spectators with this. Unless you prefer to only hear tyres squealing
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Looks nice, but sounds crappy BlueCry
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Looks good. I haven't been following formula e. Thinking I might start

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Why not the i8 drivetrain?

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