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Introducing The New BMW i3 and First Ever BMW i3s
The New BMW i3 and First Ever BMW i3s.

• Enhanced exterior design giving the BMW i3 a wider and sportier look.
• First-ever BMW i3s featuring a sportier chassis, wider track and
higher performance output.
• Featuring state-of the-art connectivity with the latest iDrive 6 interface.
• Now featuring standard Full LED headlights.
• New color offerings now include Melbourne Red Metallic and Imperial Blue Metallic.
• Exclusive new cloth-leather trim combination ‘Giga Brown Natural Leather & Carum
Spice Grey Cloth’ now available.

Woodcliff Lake, NJ – August 28, 2017 ... BMW is pleased to announce the latest BMW i3 including the first ever BMW i3s, as part of the BMW i portfolio which entails the most awarded models in the automotive history. The BMW i3 is the bestselling compact battery-electric vehicle in the premium compact segment worldwide since it was launched in 2014. The design of the new BMW i3 and the exclusive first-ever BMW i3s has been altered to enhance the sporty, urban built yet elegant design of the model. Featuring a wider track, wheel arch molding and design lines that are vastly horizontal, the 2018 BMW i3 models have morphed into a versatile, urban, innovative efficiency mobility vehicle. For the first time, BMW also offers a more powerful and sportier version of the BMW i3 - the BMW i3s, which can also be equipped with a Range Extender.

The 2018 BMW i3 and BMW i3s will celebrate their world premiere at the International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt in September 2017 with pricing being announced closer to market launch.

[Image: p90273582_highres_2103445823.jpg][Image: p90273463_highres_1676389132.jpg][Image: p90273465_highres_7266986891.jpg][Image: p90273469_highres_4710033480.jpg][Image: p90273472_highres_9786909567.jpg][Image: p90273516_highres_9358796598.jpg][Image: p90273538_highres_2980919731.jpg][Image: p90273551_highres_5148858469.jpg][Image: p90273571_highres_4663001550.jpg]

[Image: p90273565_highres_4802460167.jpg][Image: p90273544_highres_8679579510.jpg][Image: p90273572_highres_7544926269.jpg]

[Image: p90273550_highres_3235124032.jpg]
Looks... the same?
looks very nice ClapperClapper
A day without sunshine is like night[Image: 20190501_161903_1577643854.jpg]
Looks kinda silly.Skit
As funky as this little car is.. It is still weird looking.. Make a small 2 door coupe like the old Smart TwoFour thing.. That would sell! I think..
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(29-08-2017, 09:15 AM)VictorMike Wrote: Looks... the same?

Nooo. Its different dude! Now there's an S on the badge!
Would be an epic daily.
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why do they have to make it look so ugly Sad
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(29-08-2017, 09:56 AM)osiris Wrote: why do they have to make it look so ugly Sad

You and I are not the target market. My wife thinks its too cute for words!
Looks nasty but I guess one could argue that it's funky.

I just wish we got the Tesla Model 3 here.
(29-11-2012, 12:49 PM)bybyM3 Wrote: Put a jb in it, and u will feel like u driving a f1 car
[Image: image.php?u=217&dateline=1325192363]
Had the I3S for the weekend.Its actually very nice.Does the 0-100km/h in under 7 seconds but the biggest incentive on performance is the 80-120km/h in 3seconds.Topspeed on dash registers 162 but on GPS 160.Analysing data it actually soft limits from 155.
smile bounce
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looks very nice

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