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Uber's E34 540i 6 Speed
Hmm...this thread hasn't been updated in ages either...

In March 2017, I was asked to display my car at the launch of the G30 5 series in George.

[Image: p90250188_highres_on-yjkej.jpg]

[Image: p90250189_highres_on-h3kbn.jpg]

[Image: p90250186_highres_on-rrjnd.jpg]

Unfortunately on the way back from the coast, the car was moved onto a different car carrier and the paint was damaged. Found a panel beater to take it to.

[Image: 20180310_110455fgjxs.jpg]

[Image: 20180310_110514m0k6u.jpg]

This is where the rubbish started. After 7 months and not much work being done, said panel beater was evicted from his premises. Hadn't been able to pay rent etc. Was lucky enough that nothing had been sold off my car, put it back together and drove it home. Lost a fair chunk of change and got back a half finished car.

[Image: 20180521_140959w8kal.jpg]

[Image: 20180521_172834cpkev.jpg]

[Image: 20180521_1729046ukqz.jpg]

After two months of sitting, found another panel beater:

[Image: 20180730_084636hgj2d.jpg]

[Image: 20180810_12082972k7h.jpg]

Took about 5 months to complete, but would rather them take their time and not rush things.
Finally added the schnitzer mirrors after all these years.

[Image: 20190309_074647rtk79.jpg]

[Image: 20190309_0747347rjqp.jpg]
[Image: MafiaSigState1.jpg~original]
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Wow  Praise Praise
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Sad to hear what happened but damn this E34 is perfect..
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Finally an update (was wondering where you had dissappeared to ). Looking great. Love the older BMs.
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Wow Ant! Nice to see you posting once more.

My fav E34 this is. Such a shame she has to stand like that but glad you got her sorted again.
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My thread - sold

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What a beauty, well done
Damn thats beautiful  Bravo Chef
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im so glad its sorted what a nightmare...i was also lucky to remove 2 bmws from premises a day before being closed & a car carrier damaged my M3's bonnet and nose panel.
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